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August 21, 2017

Coronation Memorial Home – A Heartwarming Success Story

Team at Coronation Memorial Home in Oudtshoorn

ICRA was contracted by the Provincial Department of Social Development (DSD) to assist Coronation Memorial Home, situated in Oudtshoorn, to get their finances and services to their residents, on track.

We have experienced an openness, willingness and positive attitude from the Board and management team at Coronation, and this in addition to our detailed approach to the functional side of matters, makes an enormous difference to how all the necessary changes are implemented.

Thanks to the improved, more streamlined and effective management of this facility, they have been able to save enough funds to provide staff members with a provident fund, and this aside from how well the facility is functioning as a whole.

Feedback relating to the cleanliness of the facility, the level of care provided and the abilities of the staff members working there, is heartening evidence of a team that has embraced the positive change that the DSD is providing them with access to, through ICRA.

The Board of Coronation Memorial Home has been mandated and will be assuming full decision making by the end of September. ICRA will continue providing any support required and will continue to monitor operations and those decisions passed by the Board to ensure that the new standards which have been set, remain consistent and to the benefit of all residents and staff.
Does every facility experience the same success?

The most unfortunate answer is no.

In total, five homes and facilities funded by the DSD, have been provided with the precise same opportunities as a facility like Coronation.

Of these, three have experienced similar successes and improvements, whilst the other two have unfortunately refused the assistance and are now lagging far behind in regards the required compliance norms and standards. The implementation of effective and efficient controls that are transparent is something that is required by the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) as well as other legal prescripts applicable to these facilities.

By failing to align with the required norms and standards, those facilities that have refused assistance, are placing their sustainability in question and ultimately running the risk of losing their funding. This ultimately places the welfare of those residents under their care, at an unfair risk.

It is without question, a positive attitude, genuine caring and the willingness to apply new standards, that results in positive change and success stories such as that of Coronation.

Well done Coronation Memorial Home!

And well done to the DSD for embarking on this important path!

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